Q. Why should I hire someone to write my resume and does using a Certified Resume Writer really matter?

These are two of the most common questions that are asked of me when I talk with potential clients. Investing in a resume writer or career coach when considering a career move brings a level of expertise and objectivity that is often not present in resume and career documents written by the job seeker.

Hiring a certified resume writer instead of attempting to write the resume yourself or having someone prepare it that is not qualified, can save you a great deal of time and money. and peace of mind. If you’re not an expert in resume writing, it is easy to overlook important information such as skills, experience and the value you’ll add to the company that should be included. Information is often added that is important but not relevant to your career goals and can cause the readers to have to search for the information they are looking for. Readers don’t like to search and will quickly move on. A successful resume is one that is attention-grabbing and interview generating!

Along with exceptional resume writing capabilities, certified writers have to meet high standards set by the industries top associations. Certified writers also have many resources available to keep writing cutting-edge, relevant and laser-focused.


Q. What would I need Career Coaching for?

For many who have never needed to utilize a formal resume, the internet or other networking tools, a coach will be a worth while investment. For those who have been through a job search before but are unclear of all the new available options in a job search, a coach will be beneficial here too. If you’ve been successful in previous job searches, but are moving up the ladder and must use time and resources effectively – coaching is definitely for you.

Why? Well for starters, what do you plan on doing with that awesome resume just created for you? What are your plans for a job search? What strategies have you developed? What has your success rate been so far? How many interviews have you been on? How did they go? Could you answer the top questions with conviction, grabbing the employer’s attention? There are many qualified candidates looking to improve their job plight and not as many jobs to go around, coaching puts the odds in your favor. It might be just what you need.

Career Coaching helps you to clarify your goals and find the answers you are looking for through your own doing and through some consulting for new job search processes you are unaware of. Coaching also allows you practice with your interview skills, to gain new tools and resources, and it builds help to build your confidence and your   self-esteem, which will be sure to catch the eye of any interviewer.


Q. Why choose ResumeWonders over other writers?

For a complete listing of owner, Kris Plantrich’s credentials please review the Meet Kris Plantrichpage of this web site. All ResumeWonders writers  are certified, association members, TORI winners or nominees, and work to keep very current on the ever changing economy and careers industry. By conducting daily research on new topics we are able to deliver to our clients, cutting-edge information needed to succeed in your search.

With having been certified in 9 areas within the careers industry, Kris understands how to best assist you in your specific situation. Prices are certainly competitive, and all resumes are custom designed so you will always get a unique resume designed and written just for you. We are committed to helping others develop the best possible career tools and career management strategies to drastically improve job hiring opportunities and live a more fulfilled life.

Q. How do I pay for your services?

After discussing your goals and career management needs, if we both agree to work together, payment will be made by placing an order with me over the phone through a secure payment gateway. Payment can be made through Debit or Credit, Visa and Master Card credit cards.

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