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Career Coaching Packages

We can custom create a package to best fit your current career goals.

The Advancement Coaching Package

It is difficult to navigate sudden and pivotal career management changes that were often initiated under circumstances that were out of your control. This lack of control, lack of focus and lack of knowledge of how to succeed in a job search can send a job seeker’s confidence and self-esteem into a downward spiral quickly.

Having the guidance of a 9x Certified Career Coach that can walk with you down your new career path, will make the journey less stressful and more productive.

The Advancement Coaching Package leads you at a pretty fast pace and includes assessment and discovery work to determine a crystal clear career focus and brand for you to build your career enriching path. Once your career direction is clear, a targeted resume package will be developed as well as a job search strategy to follow and get you where you want to be. Finally we will concentrate on your interview strategies and answers to questions that will get you noticed.

This is a full package 8-10-session, is a comprehensive process that is sure to get you noticed and on the right path fast!

Sessions Include:

  • Career Transition Coaching
  • Complete Resume Package Development
  • Presentation Resume & Cover Letter (.doc)
  • Text (.txt) and PDF (.pdf) Resume & Cover Letter
  • Reference Sheet (.doc)
  • LinkedIn Development Package
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Interview Preparation
  • On Your Way & Extras

Also Included:

  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Registration to Month ResumeWonders Newsletter
  • ResumeWonders Career Management Report

The Intentional Coaching Package

Already have established your career goals but having trouble achieving them? We’ll work to develop intentional brand strategies and online presence before developing highly focused resume documents and then work to target your job search and prepare for the all-important interview.

Hottest Coaching Package!

The number of professionals that have been laid off or have found themselves at a crossroads in their career has grown considerably over the past few years. These professionals, unfamiliar with leading an effective job search, often struggle with their confidence and slide into the unemployment vortex of doing little or nothing. With the proper tools and assistance this can be an opportunity to rediscover their true passions.

If you know where you want to go but not sure of how to get there, this package is for you. It is comprehensive, all inclusive, and often a life changing experience.

This fast paced 5-7-session coaching process provides intentional assistance to support you as you discover opportunities waiting for someone with your unique skills and values.

Sessions Include:

  • Complete Resume Package
  • Presentation Resume & Cover Letter (.doc)
  • Text Resume & Cover Letter (.txt)
  • PDF Resume (.pdf)
  • Reference Sheet
  • LinkedIn Development Package
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Interview Preparation

Also Included:

  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Registration to ResumeWonders Newsletter
  • ResumeWonders Career Management Report

Career Transition Coaching Package

The Transition Coaching Package helps you look at your behavior and personality preferences in order to become clear on your path or path choices before beginning your job search. A targeted search is more much effective then grabbing at any new opportunity without equally focused resume materials. If you’re not clear on where you want your career goals then this coaching can help you!

This coaching package uses assessments to look at your preferences, strengths, likes and passions to narrow down the industries, fields, and positions that would allow you to thrive and be fulfilled in your career.

This 2-3 Coaching Call process will help you discover and determine the right career path for you.

Check-In Coaching

If you are off and running with your job search but would like to check in periodically for additional support, Check-In Coaching may be the solution. It is perfect for accountability, staying motivated and for quick questions or issues that come up in your job search.

For 4 -15 minute coaching consultations

A la Carte Coaching Services

Job Search Strategies

Let me help you get started on what often seems like the very daunting journey of launching your job search, answering the question “where to begin?” I will help you realize the vast marketing opportunities available for you to utilize while searching for your new job. Together we will pinpoint your individual needs and plan your campaign.

Seeking a new position, new career, or new industry are all tasks that require knowledge and resources to make your job search and use of your time effectively. Today there are so many choices and with this coaching you will be educated on many of the resources and avenues to help you in your search. We’ll work together to develop a goal and strategy to realize your goal.

Coaching Requires 1-3 coaching calls.

Interview Preparation

Interview strategy development and preparation truly enhances your interview performance. It forces you to become aware of the interview process, what to expect and your reaction to it. The information you gather for this coaching package will significantly increase your preparedness for future interviews and will help to grow your interview confidence.

Interviews come in different styles, lengths, and with different agendas. This process helps you to become aware of the small but important factors that play into a successful interview and increase the offers extended.

Make the interview an even playing field with this extensive interview program. I will help you prepare through education, tips and strategies, and practice with expected and unexpected questions. We will work to improve your confidence during interviews and gain insight on how to stay calm and still come across interesting and the right fit for the job. Learn tips for that will instantly improve your chances for success.

This coaching session takes place over a 2 hour phone call. Included in the program is preparation before, during and after the interview, research techniques, verbal and non-verbal communication styles, question preparation, salary negotiations, thank-you notes, reference sheets, follow up, and much more.

If you haven’t been offered the job — maybe you should give me a call!

Coaching is $150.00 per hour when ordered individually; and discounted to $125.00 per hour when ordered with a Resume Package

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