People often ask, “What does a Certified Career Management Coach do?” In a word, my job is to help you discover your unique skills and abilities and to help you find the perfect career or job position for those skills and abilities.

A career management coach is more than a mentor. She is knowledgeable about the latest trends in job search, interviewing techniques, resume formats, and other specific job search activities. Many people, executives in particular, spend years at the same job or same company. By the time they re-enter the job market, techniques and challenges of seeking a job have changed. A coach can help you adapt and adjust your style to those changes.

It’s best to seek out the services of a certified coach because that means she has undergone a specific training regimen to be qualified to serve you.

A certified career management coach has proven skills and knowledge that can benefit you in your job search. Whether you are simply seeking a new position within your chosen profession, making a career change, or entering the job market for the first time, a coach can help you clarify your vision and coach you to achieving it successfully.

The key is successful job search techniques. What I do is not based on theory. It’s based on years of practice and keeping up with the latest in job search strategies. A coach is your personal assistance, motivator, and encourager.

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