Many executives find their next job with a biography. An executive biography is a different format than a resume. They are generally written in full paragraph form rather than in bullet statements, but an executive bio can make you memorable and can be full of punch if written correctly.

An executive bio is more flexible than a resume. You can carry hard copies with you to carry around with you to job interviews, job fairs, and association meetings. You can also use it on your website, in your portfolio, and in other professional packages.

Many public speakers use an executive bio to help them secure more public speaking engagements. While at the venue where you deliver your speech, you can hand out copies of your executive bio to interested employers, stockholders, board members, and other VIPs for future engagements and potential future executive positions.

Your executive biography is a “take with you anywhere” document that you can use for many occasions.

Executives who are also authors use a bio for their book jackets. They often pass their bio to their agents and publishers for professional use in marketing their books and other marketing collateral.

For the best use of your bio, you should update it yearly just as you do your resume. Find out how you can freshen up your executive biography with just one phone call.

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