It’s understandable that certain events out of your control will force you to look at ways to cut expenses. Of course it’s no secret that one of the biggest budget items on any company’s balance sheet is payroll expenses. Sometimes, lay offs are simply unavoidable. But you will build a lot of good will among your labor base if you provide some job assistance in the process.

You’ll never make everyone happy. That’s true. But you can ease the pain of a sudden job loss if you help your laid off employees with their transition into the job market.

So what kind of assistance can you offer? Here are some ideas:

  • Career transition coaching
  • Professional bio development
  • Resume writing
  • Job search strategy coaching
  • Online identity management coaching
  • Personal branding sessions
  • And much more

You can develop a custom job transition package for your work force that will help your laid off employees make the transition from happy employee to job seeker. By putting out this expense, you are telling your employees that you care about them and that you would be willing to consider them for future employment if your situation changes in the future. Building this kind of good will will make your employees more likely to want to work for you in the future, and you build a positive PR/public image for your company.

People talk. If you want your current employees to say good things about your company after they leave, then give them good reasons to. Help them find their next job instead of simply sending them out the door with no assistance.

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