No matter what line of business you are in, sending thank you letters to clients is a good business practice. This simple move can let clients know you appreciate their business. While many businesses send out thank you letters, most are copied and sent out in mass mailings.

Why not take the time to send out handwritten cards or letters? The letter does not need to be long, a few paragraphs or even sentences will do. If you do not have perfect handwriting, ask a friend or one of your employees if they would like to help. For independent contractors, you can hire someone to write the notes for you. Sending a note to clients you have not been hired by but may work for in the future is another strategy that will let them know you may be the right employee for their service.

You may have to get a little resourceful to find the address of your client. When you wish to send out thank you letters, you may need to check your invoice information or investigate PayPal for the address of clients. It isn’t bad manners to let clients know that you send holiday cards or notes – if you can’t find their address, then you may just need to ask for it and build a list.

For job seekers interested in sending a note to an interviewer, send the note to their human resources department with ‘ATTN: Interviewer Name’. This will get the note to the person who interviewed you. Don’t go overboard and send gifts; since it may be misunderstood and can even send the message that you are desperate. Thank you gifts are best left for clients or customers who have used your services in the past and should be kept simple – something that reminds them of you, but not in a manner that is too showy. A coffee cup with your logo is acceptable. A huge bouquet of balloons with ‘Thanks for your business, come again!’ is not.

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