If you are searching for a new job, the classifieds in your local newspaper may help. However, the internet offers many more avenues for local businesses to find employees. Not only can you find a new job with a local employer, but you may find a position with a global company that hires telecommuting employees. Most businesses have found that online job boards are the best way to reach out for qualified employees.

Using job boards isn’t hard and should be your first stop in your search for employment. Some of the best, highest salaried jobs are advertised on these boards. Forums, online classifieds, and even the websites of the companies you wish to apply at can help you revitalize your job search.

Most companies have websites. Even when a business does not have a regular site, you may find their information on other sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn. While Facebook does not have a job search function like LinkedIn, you may ‘like’ the page of a business and use their listed contact information to send in your resume.

Job boards are slightly different, as they provide listings of many companies. Some boards are paid – this means the company must pay to list their job. Others, like Craigslist, are free in many cities. New York City charges a fee for some employers to list jobs or ‘gigs’.

Beware of ‘blind’ jobs or advertisements. This means that no identifying information is listed that tells you who the company is. Never apply or respond to requests for potential employees to pay for job information, this is a scam. If a ‘job’ listing has an affiliate link or requests a sign-up for services, avoid the so-called job. This is another scam designed to part you from your money.

Reputable job forums or websites often vet the employers advertising. Do your research and pay attention to the ads. Within a short time you’ll be an expert at spotting real jobs versus scammers.







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