In the July/August issue of Inc. Magazine, survey results showed that 18% of 2012 graduates said their top priority when looking for a job, ‘is the company culture and perks’. While this certainly is not the majority of graduates, it does seem to be a growing sentiment.

Throughout most 2012, the overwhelming majority of my professional and executive clients talked with me about the importance of finding work in a company that has a caring, positive culture. One that works proactively to engage employees, making them feel a part of a team and more fulfilled while utilizing their strengths and values to accomplish corporate goals.

Over the last few years, companies have struggled to stay profitable and in many cases to stay afloat, while managing a reduced workforce. For the employees that remained employed during that time struggled physically and emotionally as they tried to meet the additional demands this placed on them.

Most felt they didn’t have control or a choice in the matter since leaving the job left a big uncertainty of how long they would remain unemployed. Many also felt guilty that they weren’t as grateful as they thought they should be, because they still had a job and a paycheck when many of their colleagues, friends and family had lost theirs.

As the economy continues to slowly recover, some employees feel they are now able to begin looking for new opportunities or possibly a transition into a new field or professional role. For these employees, it is very important that if a change in companies is going to be made, it must be to a company willing to invest as much in to their employees as the employees give to the companies. The employees want to feel valued and involved instead of simply working unappreciated for a company.

So, my questions for you are…

What is most important to you when looking for a new company to call home?

How important is the culture of the company?

In your last job search what was the top criteria used to find your job? Has it changed?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Shine On job seekers!


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