I have recently finished reading “Hiring for Attitude”, written by Mark Murphy the CEO of Leadership IQ, a leading leadership training company. The book is written for employers and presents a process for how companies can improve hiring techniques and strategies. The key is to hire individuals that not only have a positive attitude but the right-fitting attitude and professional style for their company.

The book expands on the idea that a company must determine what their own unique style, brand, and culture is before someone can be hired to fit a particular culture. Throughout this book, Murphy uses the analogy of “brown shorts” which represents a company’s unique culture. In order to create the right fit with new employees, the company must do some introspective research and determine where they are now, and what is the image and culture they want to project and take on in the future. They need to uncover their own “brown pants”.

“Hiring for Attitude” walks a company through the process of determining what their company’s culture is, ways to interview their existing employees to determine how close their employees currently fit the culture they are trying to portray. In many cases the ideal or goal is different from the existing culture, and so work needs to be done to bring the employees more in line with the company’s cultural goals.

For some companies the culture has simply developed based on the personalities that run the company, and the management style used to hire and manage employees. If the current environment is successful, it is simply a matter of clearly defining the uniqueness in order to understand what to look for when hiring additional employees. This helps to ensure that chosen candidates have the right personality, work ethic and experience needed to fit into the successful mesh of the company.

The book describes the value of understanding what type of candidate will best work with a company and developing questions as well as answer expectations, to help to fine tune the ability to find employees that meet a company’s attitude, style and culture. The book includes numerous well placed statistics and case examples garnered from copious amounts of available Leadership IQ research, to demonstrate individual ideas better big-picture view. It also has entertaining anecdotes which give a clear view of how the technique addressed in the book can be put into practical play in your company.

I found the book to be very enlightening and can be very helpful in hiring the right candidates. I work with prospective candidates on a daily basis and address this very issue often. It is important for the candidates to understand their own unique style, attitude and culture when researching companies so they don’t waste their time and the employer’s time by pursuing a company that might be well respected but just isn’t the right fit for that particular person.

I think when companies and even divisions of larger companies have this kind of “brown pants” understanding of their own attitude and style, finding similar traits in potential employees will make for an easier hiring process and a more accurate one. I would recommend this book to companies and potential employees alike. It is a fresh perspective on the importance of self-awareness whether in corporate or individual form to help in finding the right fit.

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