During my time with a client, I feel like I get to know them pretty well by the time we have finished with the resume package or coaching sessions. We spend time talking about the concerns, and difficulties of their job search. The recurring comment I hear from clients is their nerves or maybe their confidence level often gets in the way when trying to expand their contact list.

Clients have many reasons why they are not aggressively seeking new contacts, getting reacquainted with old or existing potential contacts. They tell me they are not comfortable talking with people from their personal lives about their professional “problems” or they don’t feel comfortable talking with strangers in networking events. I have also clients that say they’ve never needed a professionally written resume or the need to market themselves and act as if it is almost beneath them to proactively network as a way to find their

I wonder if job seekers are missing out on opportunities by focusing on their fears instead concentrating on expanding their network and interacting more often with people. Sometimes simply working on their friendliness is a first step.

A client of mine is great example of how being friendly can lead to job search success. He is a really nice but very quiet client whose resume I have already updated on two occasions. The current focus of the resume centered on his work as an accountant but removed the keywords associated with his work in the banking industries because he was hoping to transition into a different industry.

We had just completed his resume project when he called to say his father had fallen at his home in Tucson and was going out to stay with his mom while his dad began his recovery in a local nursing home. Well, about a month later I received a call of thanks from him and to say he had found a job.

Apparently while flying home to Michigan from his stay in Arizona he sat next to a man who was a district manager from Ohio for a short and long-term healthcare facility that was in the process of opening 3 centers in Southeast Michigan. During the flight my client spoke of his father’s accident and current care, and mentioned he was in the process of a job search.

By the end of the flight my client had interviewed and had been offered a position to set up the accounting functions for the expansion project. The position would be available in a month. The timing couldn’t have been better; it would give his father time to heal enough to be transferred to a recovery facility in Michigan. The facility would one of the new long-term care facilities of his new company.

Opportunities reveal themselves anywhere and if you aren’t open – you might miss them. Prepare now by updating your resume, letting new and old contacts know of your situation and of what you are looking for, preparing networking cards with current contact information, and always be willing to talk with others about what is new in your life and theirs.

I can’t tell you how many friendly encounters of my clients have led to career opportunities. Imagine how much more successful they’d be if they planned their networking strategies. Clients that come to me for resume development or updates and are already working their network are always the clients that have the fastest success.

Shine On jobseekers!

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