I just read Nick Corcodilos’ new article entitled, “Rude Employers: Yahoo Fires CEO Carol Bartz, phones it in”, from his “Ask the Headhunter” blog. The article quickly reminds us that rude and disingenuous companies will be remembered for their poor treatment of employees. It also sends a strong message to job seekers considering working for such a company. Because of the internet, Yahoo’s classless actions will not be soon forgotten.

This rude behavior will remembered, and is something for job seekers especially, to keep in mind while searching for their ideal job. When you find a company you think you’d like to work for, take time to notice how they treat you, and how employees treat each other. If you see smiles, hear laughter, and are treated warmly while interviewing with them, this may be a good sign.

When researching companies, try to talk with employees or past employees. This way you can get a better feel for the culture and climate of the company before you say yes to an interview. Does the company’s management strive to maintain courteous and effective teams and does the company treat its’ management well? Your research will hopefully alert you to companies that may not be so nice to work for.

This is also a good time to take note of how you treat those you interact with during your job search. The longer a job search takes, the less patient candidates can become, so keep you manners in check. You don’t want to be remembered for your poor manners or worse, miss out on opportunities because of your attitude or actions.

Manners that used to be second nature are sadly becoming unimportant to some people and companies. You are going to be at work and with your coworkers for at least 40 hours each week, that’s 1/3 of your life. So make sure you take the time to find a place to work that is pleasant and treats you well.

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