Seal Island – off the coast of South Africa, holds up to 60,000 seals and is a perfect place to research great white shark habits. Yes, “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel just wrapped up, but not before I watched a few shark related programs and before getting Lady Gaga’s song, “Show me Your Teeth” stuck in my head forever!

What I repeatedly heard is that sharks are intentional in their hunt and they are successful 50% of the time. Depending on the type of shark and their environment their strategies differ. They use their senses, to determine what is in the water, where it is, if it is something they want, and the best strategy to deploy for a successful attack.

Listening to the scientists and biologists describe a sharks intentional approach, sounded like the steps for a successful job search. But not just a job search, a job hunt! Just like sharks, job seekers need to know their surroundings, what their target industry is all about and how they fit in. They also need to know themselves well enough to recognize their strengths and know how to use them to effectively to find the right job for them.

As sharks use their senses to become aware of potential prey, they determine the best way to strike. Aggressive and successful candidates use their networking and investigative skills, and their past experience to find new opportunities. They then decide on a strategy that will allow them to get in front of their target, so they too can show their strengths and out shark other candidates to land the job.

What makes sharks so threatening is their relentless determination, intention and drive to keep trying, even if they are only successful in 50% of their hunts. Job seekers that are successful in finding the right job quickly, are those that either hunt down their own opportunities or use their contacts and network to generate leads. They push ahead and don’t give up but continue to be proactive in their hunt. Those that procrastinate or simply post their resume and wait for the seals to come and swim in front of them, may have to wait a long time, and may miss out on the schools of seals that are swimming just off shore. Be a hunter, go after the job you want – show your teeth!

Shine On Job Seekers!

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