In every step of the job search process follow-up is vital for being seen and heard, and for building relationships based on integrity. Follow-up processes begin with your success in networking. If there isn’t consistency in your follow-up actions, others may be hesitant to promote, refer or recommend you to their employers.

When someone in your network provides you with information on potential opportunities, be sure to act on it quickly to demonstrate your interest and appreciation. And, be sure to follow-up period, many don’t. More than 75% of hiring managers expect some kind of thank you or follow-up letter and those surveyed said they only receive them 35% of the time. Stand out – send a note!

Especially if the contact sent a note to you and to a potential employer, both would be waiting for your response. Every step you take will be evaluated as potential employers try to determine if you are someone worth getting to know and learn about for a possible position in their company. Could you be someone that will help their company grow? Your job is to prove you are the right person for the job by providing positive results from the onset of communications.

Once interest is established and the interview process begins

it is important for you to follow-up in order to:

  • Thank each interviewer for their time and the opportunity to interview with their company.
  • Reiterated your excitement and interest in the position and your true passion for the field, industry or company.
  • Remind the interviewer of who you are and the value and potential contribution you can make to their team, department or company.
  • Utilize another opportunity to wow them by sending a follow up that provide answers to questions they had and provides additional information on areas discussed at the interview.
  • Keep communication open. Even if you don’t have the technical skills or experience required for the job, if you become a memorable candidate they might try and work you in someplace else or give your name to another department or even competitor.
  • Create the squeaky wheel that is needed to differentiate you from several other potential candidates by continuing to maintain contact with the company and hiring manager throughout the decision making process.  Staying visible may give you the advantage for a call back or job offer.

Whether you are aggressively searching for a job or contemplating a change, it is important to be seen and heard in order to be remembered. Using follow-up notes, thank you notes, relevant article links or simple emails to check on the decision making process, it is helpful to stay in touch so your name and abilities are always just a recent memory away.

Shine On Job Seekers!

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