While watching my niece’s soccer game recently, there was one girl on her team that was obviously very skilled. This particular girl worked mostly alone and tended to be a ball hog. While she played hard it was noticeable that there was a disconnect with her and the rest of the team. When asked about her I was told that although an excellent player, her attitude and behavior toward her teammates was very negative. On the field the rest of the players had a hard time playing with her and working as a team.

My niece said because there was so much animosity the coach had begun to play her less and the team was actually playing more effectively. The team knew they should leave their personal issues and conflicts off the field but they found it hard to do. This girl was creating enemies and missing out on utilizing her obvious talents to help her team. This situation is not uncommon in the school, teams, volunteer activities and in the workplace as well.

When looking to meet new contacts, networking, and especially when interviewing being likeable and a team player can be as important as what you have accomplished or your expertise. There is an abundance of competent competition and sometimes the only thing that may help you stand out, is You – your unique personality, your friendliness and your likeability.

The key is to know that fine line that allows you be confident not arrogant when sharing your skills, achievements and expertise sounding, friendly and like a team player. Like the soccer player, working alone and trying to hard to show off your skills may not be the best course to getting noticed. Instead be sure to demonstrate genuine friendliness and the successes you have had working with others to show employers how you will fit into their culture and work environment.

How you treat others, your willingness to be a team player and your personality are things to be very aware of while you are searching for a job and while you are in a job. A pleasant demeanor is vital when you are working and it will help your employer determine if a raise is deserved, if a promotion will be yours and if a strong recommendation will be given when you look for another job in the future.

Getting along with others and being nice should be a given, but for some it is something that needs to be kept in check or it will hold them back, so be nice!

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