Sunday was the start of NASCAR’s 2011 season at the newly paved Daytona 500 speedway. It ended up being an especially exciting opener for the fans. The weather was beautiful, the track was fast and the race was riddled with caution flags, crashes, and spin outs including a 15 car pile up.

Most of the mishaps were due to the pairing up of cars using drafting to gain advantage and speed. Drafting is when two race cars drive so close to each other that they are almost touching bumper to bumper. The leader is pushed while the vehicle in back is pulled letting both cars go faster, with just inches between them. Each team of drafters takes a turn running in the lead position for maximum use of their vehicles.

Watching how these drivers, often from different racing teams and different automotive manufacturers, work together to help each other and themselves reminded me of how effective it is for job seekers to work together.

Like the drivers who provided information and assistance to other drivers, job seekers can benefit tremendously by having a partner. Your partner doesn’t have to be in the same field or even same industry just one that is in the same job search race as you. They are great for accountability, support and keeping you motivated, and can often help you with your search by sharing do’s and don’ts of their own search.

It was pretty neat to hear the drivers talking with each other as they planned their strategies (while driving 150+ mph)and to see the notable acceleration of speed they gained by working together. And the results? Rookie driver Trevor Bayne who turned just 20 years old on Saturday was the winner of the 53rd Daytona 500. An underdog for sure, but so gracious and thankful (and happy); it was great to see.

So, if you are plugging along in your job search alone and learning and doing everything yourself, maybe it’s time to find a partner or a group that is working toward the same goals. You can contact someone you know that is also looking for work or join a local networking group (in person or online) to find a partner.

Sharing information, victories, rejections, and fears will help you and others to realize you are not alone and your situation is not uncommon. It is will also give you tips, pointers and maybe the one piece of information you need to be successful more quickly in your own job search.

Shine on Job Seekers!

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