If someone is considering you for a position at their company or the company they represent, they will most likely research you online as well as review your resume. A simple Google search of your name and a check for any kind of a social media presence will quickly uncover a great deal of information about you. In order for you to be recognized as a valuable asset for a company your identity both online and off should offer a consistent message.

Why is it so important to have a consistent brand both online and off? Well, if potential employers are taking the time to research you, they are hoping to find something that will make you stand out and give them a reason to contact you. They would much prefer to spend time with a few select candidates that stand out instead of online researching numerous unqualified ones.

Along with making it easier for the employer, having a consistent message in person, on paper, and online demonstrates that you are organized and understand the importance of providing a focused message. Being Internet and social media savvy will also help to highlight your communication and technology skills. Uncovering a focused presence in various mediums will capture attention and have recruiters calling.

So, if your  profiles, comments, and pictures on LinkedIn and Facebook do not match the image you want to project, make changes today to get them in line with your goals. Strengthen your brand with consistency. If you are not sure of what your message should be, find out what is expected of employees in the position you are seeking. If you are not promoting the achievements and tasks related to that position you may need to rethink what you are saying about yourself.

Decide on the message you want to convey and then repeat that message everywhere you are online and in person in order to build a strong and recognizable brand. Look to examples of well known branding such as the McDonald’s golden arches or the Nike swoosh, both easily identified even without words. Or the green and yellow of John Deere products – the colors symbolize solid, dependable products. You too, can develop a brand that will illustrate your value and help you to be easily recognized and remembered.

Shine on Job Seekers!

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