The time is drawing near and soon the streets will be filled with little beggars dressed in scary, silly and sweet costumes yelling “Trick or Treat” in hopes of getting something in return for their ranting. When my kids were younger I remember how they would start the Halloween season so excited about their costume and the idea of all that candy! They thought about their costume designs, worked hard to get ready, and would then on Halloween, run from door to door yelling at the top of their voices – just because they could.

It always made me laughed because about half way through the march they would start slowing down. Although the candy and treats were still awaiting them they would always lose their enthusiasm. Their bags were getting heavy, their make-up was itchy or the costume was now uncomfortable and they were losing steam fast. By the end of the trip my husband was usually caring one and I was holding the candy for all of them.

As I reminisced of Halloween’s gone by, my thoughts turned job seekers who also start out in their job search with a bang and then slow down after the initial excitement is over. What do the little beggars and job seekers need to do to stay motivated? They need to keep their eye on the candy!

When taking our kids through town, a bell would ring to let us know the night was almost over. When the bell went off the kids suddenly would find extra energy and start to run toward the last few houses in hopes of getting as much last-minute treats as possible.

The trick for job seekers is to keep their eye on the treat – in their case a new job that is perfect for their needs and current career goals. After the initial excitement wears off it is important to stay motivated in order to remain effective in their job search. Job seekers need to press on by looking forward and visualizing a highly successful interview, a job offer or actually working in the targeted company.

It helps to find out what works to motivate you. Is it being highly organized so that you always know the next move, or is it making sure to keep excitement in your search by coordinating regular live networking events into your job search? Maybe you need an accountability partner or someone to help hold your candy when you get tired? What ever works for you – find the right mix and stick with it.

Job searches are effective when done right. What is right depends on you. Find your “right” job search strategy and let targeted employers see you shine!

Shine on Job Seekers!

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