Last week I left Michigan for beautiful San Diego to attend the annual Career Directors International (CDI) Summit. The conference was an absolute success! The topics were relevant to the resume writing and career coaching industries and the Catamaran Resort was picturesque with the Pacific Ocean to our west and Mission Bay to the east. The only glitch was the weather, but the fog and cool climate couldn’t detract from a memorable experience!

Most of the participants were able to visit with old friends and meet those in person they had only spoken with via Twitter, Facebook, email, eGroups and other virtual platforms. My take-a-ways from the conference were many but the first was that I am blessed to be in an industry with so many warm and friendly people. They are true experts in their field and came to the conference willing to share and support each other during such a fun event.

Conversations varied but the focus was usually on our clients, the job seekers. Every presentation and conversation centered on how we could help our clients in their job search using new technology and social media, career related products and services, career document development, coaching on job search stages and strategies, and even our own business’s growth.

Other take-a-ways from the CDI conference included the reminder of how crucial it is to use targeted resumes and career documents that are focused, concise and aimed at a particular company or position. Teaching clients when and how to use social media in their job search was also a strong theme for the conference. Job seekers that use these mediums effectively gain opportunity, and showcase their ability to stay on the leading edge of technology and trends by utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and of course LinkedIn in their job search.

Networking effectively during the search using social media tools and career marketing documents was also reinforced. Networking begins with meeting new contacts and maintaining those and existing relationships not only throughout your job search but throughout your career.

On my way home from the conference I wrote notes on the many nuggets captured during my trip that will be used for future blog postings and products and services I can offer to assist my clients. I felt very proud as I shared some of the conference nuggets with the person next to me on the plane ride home; once again realizing that our expertise and commitment to staying current with certifications, technology and social trends really is contributing to a better economy and brighter future.

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