It is definitely spring time in Michigan! The birds have become very loud as they prepare for their new arrivals, the grass is a brilliant green and growing exceptionally fast and my gardens seem to be calling out to me. Actually I have already gone through my gardens and pulled out all of the debris left from winter and have trimmed some of the plants that need a spring pruning.

Now that I have cleaned the gardens I have a clear view of the shrubs and perennials, and can take stock of additional perennial work I will need to do and determine the best places to add cheery annuals. I began a mental list after the first time in the gardens but now my list is on paper and I hope to take care of it this week!

While working in the gardens and having gone through my annual preparation, I am reminded of my contacts list and the many similarities between networking and growing my gardens. Contacts too need long-term care if they are to support you throughout your career. Just like the individual flowers and the many small gardens I have, each contact is a little different and needs special attention to shine and succeed.

Commonalities for maintaining a healthy contacts list and garden include:

  • Both are in need of constant care and upkeep in order for them to thrive and provide a return.
  • Both needs the old and unused removed – to make room for more productive individuals!
  • Both have perennials that will be around forever with little maintenance or ask in return.
  • Both have invasive perennials that can overwhelm and choke if not restricted in growth.
  • Both have dwellers that aren’t valuable but are cherished and will remain regardless.
  • Both need to be shared with others in order to be truly appreciated.

As I worked in my gardens this weekend and as I am planting my annuals this week, I will make a mental list of ways to improve and grow my contacts list, the relationships I have with my contacts and ways I can help my contacts to grow, thrive and bloom.

Shine on Job Seekers

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