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Question – Does social marketing help job seekers get noticed?

Answer – Absolutely! Social marketing is moving so fast that it is often tough to keep up with. New sites, blogs, videos and social networks are being introduced daily. “What to use”, “how much to use”, and “is it worth it since my job search will hopefully be short term”, are questions I am often asked.

Social marketing helps brand you as an expert in your field, position, and industry. It also gets you noticed. As others see you writing

and answering with relevant content and participating in helpful discussion on your industry, you will get noticed and will be seen as someone who knows their stuff. I’ve said it before (and heard it even more), it’s not who you know but who knows you!

What to use? I would first and foremost get on LinkedIn. It is just too good not to use! Establish your profile and then get out there! You can join groups or add your own, ask questions, answer questions, search out companies or contacts, search for jobs, add your resume and more, more, more!

Twitter and Facebook are other places to establish a professional presence and start meeting people. You can again join groups, search out company or contact information and learn from others on how to do it well. Also check out the Yahoo groups or Ning groups – they seem endless and available in every possible profession.

Sign up for local and online networking groups, join associations or set up a blog and become an expert in your field – and bring them to you! Social marketing and personal branding go hand in hand.

While you are building your online and in person identity, make sure you steer your reputation in the right direction. Join reputable groups and association and post information, comments, articles, tweets, and videos that promote the type of professional image you want for yourself. The choice is yours.

You don’t have to join every group out there but I’d join many and then spend some time weeding through them to find several that fit you well. Then, really make a contribution either online or in person. It is a commitment but well worth the outcome.

Not only is the time you spend in social marketing worth it during your job search but it is an excellent tool to maintain after you’ve found your job. It helps manage your professional brand and reputation and will be the perfect place to start looking for future opportunities a few years down your career path.

If you’ve found this post you are on your way!

Shine On!

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