Whether just starting your career or looking into a career change, the obvious and extensively talked about points to consider are the fit of your education, skills, and experience to the needs of the company. But what about your needs? The most obvious is your financial needs, after that however, do you know what you want out of your job? What hours, travel, culture, and office or position environment are you looking for?

Taking things even further, have you thought about whether or not this job will contribute to your overall short and long term career goals. Does it fulfill your dreams? Will this job improve your life? Many would say such a job doesn’t exist. There are jobs that can fulfill these emotional needs beyond the typical qualifications, which should be looked into during your job search. The quality of the 8+ hours you spend 5 – 7 days a week at your job does matter. It is what makes the difference between having a good job to a great career.

As you go through the job search, make sure you consider the fulfillment, enjoyment and goal contributions a potential job has to offer as well as its’ financial security. Do your research so you don’t have to settle for a job. A career that will lead you to your goals is worth seeking and is out there to be sought. Good luck – job seeker!

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